Reviva Consulting is a digital creative agency that helps people to (re)start a business through a special advice that aims at making the client save time and resources in the bureaucratic context. A team of experts supports the client by giving to him strategies that perfectly fit with the baseline geographical area and domain.

A Brand Identity for Reviva Consulting.

Branding, Web Design

01. Challenge

The agency was founded to reach out to people (especially young) who drop the idea of launching a business because of the too many and difficult steps it involves. Reviva, in fact, gathers in just one body all the services needed. The naming process started from this intentions and from the desire to create something conveying the idea of "new beginning".

02. Solution

After several word matching tries, each meaning a particular shade of the company, together with its wishes and goals, the choice fell on REVIVA, from the combination of some italian words and that means "regeneration", "new beginning", "revival", something that was dead and came to life again, stronger than ever: exactly what the agency team wants to gain by helping people who decide to rely on it.

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03. Feedback

Every single detail in terms of naming, brand position, colours, user experience and website caught the eye of several business companies that recognized the importance of being present and particularly active on social media and internet platforms; because of this awareness, they decided to start a partnership with Reviva. Among them, the CO.M.E.G. SRL, prominent agency in the geographical environment since it represents important trademarks in the building domain.

"«I believe in you», this is what I like best, believing in people and being able to boost their will to reach their aims. The greatest satisfaction is watching their faces and see the smile and that confidence in their eyes meaning «I am worth»."

Andrea Morabito| Consulting Founder

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