A Brand-Identity exam project achieved with a grade of 30/30 together with the prof and also professional Marco Colognola at the IED in Rome. This project is a potential virtual reality of an international airline.

A new Identity proposal for a potential Start-up

Art Direction, Logo Design, Brand Identity

01. Challenge

The company needs a brand identity that communicates most effectively the great attention to the different customer needs, both business and standard, and the excellent quality of services both on the ground and in flight.

02. Solution

Samuel Riggio has created an excellent coordinated image complete with digital and print materials accompanied by a 360-degree artistic direction on a dynamism designed to work internationally.

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03. Feedback

Genuine work lasting 3 months for the 2-year exam at the IED in Rome of Coordinated Image with the prof and also professional M. Colognola; achieved by the grade 30/30. Final exam mark for the subject of Coordinated Image and + 2000 visits to the Behance project, sponsored by popular Instagram pages.

"Samuel's work was one of the best-realized projects, a complete and dynamic work with an excellent Art Direction strategy"
— Marco Colognola (professional and professor of Visual Identity at the IED)

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